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PAC Research Economic Outlook for 2020 – Macroeconomic Indices

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Our PAC Research & Business Development unit recently presented the Economic Outlook that will invariably shape the economic landscape of the country for the Year 2020. Some highlights from the report include;

  1. Impact of the major elections scheduled to hold across a few neighbouring African countries including Togo, Ghana, Sudan, etc.
  1. Policies & events that are expected to impact 2020
  1. Implementation of the 2020 budget
  2. Implementation of the new minimum wage
  3. Direction of the oil price
  4. Trade tension
  5. Relationship between the Executive and the Legislative arms of government
  6.  Banking sector re-capitalization
  7. Private sector credit growth – LDR
  1. Outlook for 2020
  1. To keep foreign investors, we expect attractive rates in OMO Market.

ii. We expect few domestic participations in the Treasury Bills due to unattractive yields.

iii. Expectation of single digit rates in FGN Bonds due to:

  1. Government’s desire to borrow at lower rate.
  2. Inability of individuals and domestic firms to participate in OMO market.

iv. Expectation of lower rates on Commercial Papers of high rated companies in Nigeria READ MORE