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PAC Holdings officially launches PanAfrican Capital Ghana Limited

Board Of Directors: L-R Kojo Poku, Sina Alimi, Wencelav Safrega (Managing DIrector), Millison Narh (Chairman), Chris Oshiafi, Eric Okoruwa, Michael Ebbi at the Launch of PanAfrican Ghana Limited on 4th May, 2018.

PanAfrican Capital Holdings Limited, a Proprietary Investment Company formally announced its Business operations in Accra with the official launch of PanAfrican Capital Ghana Limited on Friday, 4th May, 2018.
This newly launched Investment Banking and Advisory services firm brings to the Ghanaian Capital Market its huge wealth of expertise and knowledge in advisory and fund raising, to cushion businesses in key economic areas including power, aviation, telecommunications as well as oil and gas within the broader interest of pushing national development.

The Managing Director of PanAfrican Capital Ghana Limited, Wencelav Safrega, in his remarks at the launch event, described PanAfrican Capital’s presence on the local scene as a “significant milestone in the Ghanaian Investment Market Sector”.

“We are positioned to deliver value in the entire financial services value chain in the country; we have the capacity to meet the working capital needs as well as Infrastructural and Project Finance demands of our Clients operating within our focal economic areas, leveraging our strong footing in these sectors in the other African countries that we operate,” he indicated.

He added: “With our core product offerings comprising Fixed Income Assets Management, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Placements, Corporate Restructuring and Fund Raising Arrangements etc. PanAfrican Capital Ghana Limited is positioned to play a significant role in growing the domestic Capital Market.

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Millison Narh, said that the firm’s presence on the local front will help push the quest for quality infrastructure and other critical economic needs to improve the livelihoods of the broad masses and ultimately reduce poverty.

He indicated that the Company sees numerous opportunities in the local capital market which is largely underpinned by economic stability due to strong growth and fiscal prudence as well as vibrant external factors that have led to a stable forex regime.

According to the former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana (BoG), PanAfrican Capital Ghana Limited has Strategic Partnerships and alliance with multilateral funding firms to help meet the needs of its expanding clientele base in the country.

Narh said: “Limited fiscal space remains a constraint to the provision of relevant infrastructure to drive socio-economic growth and improved livelihoods for the broad masses which will ultimately reduce poverty. Such hindrances set the agenda for the private sector, including PanAfrican Capital Ghana Limited to act.

Fixing infrastructure helps businesses to grow and improves private sector competitiveness. We are here to contribute to the development of the country, the sub-region and the continent as a whole.”

He added: “In the long-term, we anticipate to be the leading fund raising and financial advisor in the country, working collaboratively with other market actors in our quest to create value and offer exemplary financial services.”

A Director of the Company, Chris Oshiafi, highlighted the need for enhanced intra-regional trade as the panacea to the development of various economies within the sub-region and assured of the company’s backing in that regard.

“Development for Africa can only come through enhanced intra-regional trade; the absence of which is the cause of the rampant currency crisis plaguing the continent.

We took the deliberate step to operate as an African entity to help address economic shakes in the regional economy; we see value being created and we hope to support true champions that can help to transform the continent by providing the needed financial backing,” he said.

He further indicated: “We have developed intense capacity that has been tried and tested in other markets that the firm operates and we hope to offer same in the country.”